Why Youth Sports?

Kids who play sports perform better in school, live healthier lives, and grow up to be more successful adults. However, the rising cost of youth sports is a serious problem that is leaving millions of kids on the sidelines.

We’re here to fix that. 

LeagueSide is creating a new marketing channel that is  effective for brands and improves the community. We are marrying grassroots marketing and social impact to get kids off the bench and into the game.

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33% of children between 2 - 19 are overweight or obese
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Physically active kids have up to 40% higher test scores
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Student athletes have an 11% higher graduation rate than non-athletes
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Children of low-income families are 4x more likely to quit a sport due to costs

Sources: Up2Us Sports, The Aspen Institute Project Play 

Want to Join the Team?

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Our Story

LeagueSide was originally founded by two Venture for America fellows who worked for startups in Detroit and New Orleans. Venture for America is a two-year fellowship program that places our best and brightest at startups in emerging cities to build businesses, create jobs, and help the community. Venture for America’s ethos to use business to positively impact the community is what inspired us to start LeagueSide.

While volunteering at a youth basketball tournament one weekend, we looked around the auditorium and realized how captivated the audience was. All the families were fully engaged and extremely passionate about the game.

After speaking with parents at the tournament, we learned that families face an enormous financial burden when having to pay for travel, equipment, and league fees for their children. These costs have risen each year and are the main reason why youth sports participation is at an all-time low.

That was the “aha moment” – if we made it easy to sponsor youth sports leagues around the country, companies could market to this highly-engaged audience and give back to the community by helping lower the cost for kids to play sports.

After bringing together our business backgrounds and passion to help the community, LeagueSide was born. Today, LeagueSide has helped numerous companies achieve their marketing goals while making youth sports more accessible for thousands of families across the country.

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