Employee highlight: Charli Topinka

Meet Charli Topinka, LeagueSide's newest Operations Manager!

Charli Topinka Headshot

About you

I graduated Georgian Court University in 2016, majoring in Digital Communication and minoring in Sports Management. I’ve had various professional experiences in the sports industry for the past six years. I’ve loved sports my whole life, being a participant and a fan. When I was younger my main focus was judo, and as I got older I loved team sports like basketball and softball.

Where you’re from

I grew up in Brick, NJ. This is a town in the middle of the Shore area, having various beach towns only 15 minutes away.


When I was younger, I won the Nationals in judo. A fact that my Dad tries to work it into conversation as often as humanly possible.

Favorite youth sports memory

My favorite part of youth sports was the team atmosphere. Bus rides with friends, competing together. The camaraderie was unlike anything else!

Background/Career highlights

For the past four years I’d worked with a company that owned various college basketball tournaments. I implemented their sponsorships and built the fan experience and game script on top of other operational responsibilities. Prior to that I had various internships spanning from working in a college athletic department, working for a startup sports website and creating content for a startup sports app.


Youth sports is such an untapped market when it comes to sponsorship. Using that to better these communities and fund their programs is admirable, as well as a great business plan. Youth sports were such a great part of my childhood. Helping these programs is something I very much wanted to be a part of.


Being a team player! This is something I bring to every part of my life. Working together as a team, respecting others, and lifting each other up is something I find very valuable.

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