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Meet Gabe Miller, LeagueSide's newest Director of Marketing!

About you

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I am a native Minnesotan who found my way to Philly by way of Boston (hopefully I don’t have too bad of an accent). Playing sports was always a huge passion of mine growing up, and my love for sports has extended beyond just competing, in which I’ve been fortunate to coach at various levels.

I feel so lucky to combine my love of sports with what I do in my day-to-day, and I’m humbled to be a part of the LeagueSide team to provide today’s youth with the same opportunities to play sports that I had growing up.

I live in Philly with my wonderful fiancé and our rescue dog & rescue cat, Huxley & Loui.

Where you’re from

I was born & raised in Minnesota, where the winters are long and the professional sports teams consistently seem to be “just good enough to get your hopes up but not quite good enough to bring home any hardware.”

I was incredibly fortunate to have the opportunity to play youth sports growing up, and I dabbled in everything from football & track to soccer & baseball. Although I hail from the great “State of Hockey,” I’m probably one of four Minnesotans who can’t ice skate, so I took to the sport of wrestling in the winter months. I quickly fell in love with wrestling as a kid, and I was incredibly fortunate to wrestle at the collegiate level (albeit I wasn’t very good in college!).


Every year for youth football, the city league would publish a book with the roster of every team. Alongside the players’ names would be their corresponding weights. Without fail, I was always the lightest player in the entire league by at least ten pounds. I also played nose guard.

Needless to say, as players became faster & more skilled year-after-year, it was an easy decision to move away from football and instead focus on wrestling.

Favorite youth sports memory

Staying overnight in hotels with teammates at weekend tournaments for traveling soccer, in which we’d stay up past curfew, drink our body weights in Mountain Dew, and prank call our coaches’ rooms.

In hindsight, it makes sense as to why our team never progressed very far in any of the tournaments that we competed in.

Background/Career highlights

My background is rather eclectic, but the unifying theme across all of my experiences is innovation strategy. Some of my past work includes leading a team at the Mayo Clinic Center for Innovation, in which we built a new service model to address health & wellness concerns of Millennials on a preventative—rather than reactive—basis; I also worked intimately with Niraj & Jill Shah (the CEO of Wayfair and his wife, respectively) to re-imagine what school lunch looks like at Boston Public Schools.

Aside from those ventures, I’ve been heavily involved with the startup ecosystem for the past five years. I’m fortunate that a startup that I co-founded in July ’14 (Talent Response) was acquired in September’19. Aside from Talent Response, I’ve consulted to many early-stage B2B startups on how to commercialize their IP.


I joined LeagueSide for three primary reasons.

First, LeagueSide’s mission of making youth sports more accessible is my credo. Youth sports had a huge positive impact on my childhood, and I want to give today’s youth the same opportunities that I had growing up; the same opportunities to play, learn, grow, fail, and have fun.

Second, the team at LeagueSide has been nothing short of amazing. It’s incredibly inspiring to work closely with such talented people on achieving a unified goal, all the while having fun along the way.

Finally, it’s incredibly unique how LeagueSide helps leading brands authentically and genuinely engage with their consumers. In an increasingly crowded consumer-focused marketplace, helping brands differentiate themselves from the pack by weaving them into the fabric of the communities that they serve is quite novel, and I’m excited by the challenge of how we can best-scale our solutions.

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