Employee highlight: Sam Ward

Meet Sam Ward, LeagueSide's new Head of Marketing!

Sam Ward headshot

About you

I’ve found my path from an art student hosting concerts in Pittsburgh to the Boston tech scene, where I discovered my niche in B2B marketing in the media world. I’ve got a passion for startups, and love adtech and media that’s mission-driven. Outside of work I spend my time on home improvement DIYs, biking, listening to podcasts, and hanging out with my dog.

Where you’re from

I grew up an hour west of Boston, and now live in Boston’s Hyde Park neighborhood.


I can play the piano and ukulele, and was once a competent trumpet and bass guitar player.

Favorite youth sports memory

I can’t say I was the most coordinated kid, but once I started high school I joined the cross country team, where I shared many happy memories with the team. The ones that stand out revolve around singing on the bus to invitationals, and pasta dinners.

Background/Career highlights

I worked at digital media agency Gupta Media as creative project manager, where I had the opportunity to lead project development & strategy for the creative team. One highlight was our pitch winning the brand refresh for Boston Calling Music Festival, and I enjoyed working with other clients like Sony Music, Disney, E3, and Amazon Music. Most recently before joining LeagueSide, I was Director of Growth at Soofa, a media startup based in Cambridge, MA. There I built the customer success program and pioneered the marketing team.


I joined LeagueSide because I see the enormous potential for growth in the IRL community marketing space.


Growth Mindset. I love being part of a team of big thinkers.