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Fulcrum Farm Coach of the Year?

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Coaches teach us so much more than just how to play a game. Whether on-the-field or off-the-field, coaches mentor, encourage, and support us. If you know a coach who is always there through the long practices, big wins, and tough losses, nominate them for the Fulcrum Farm Coach of the Year Award. The award will be presented to an exceptional coach at the end of the season and includes a prize of $100 in Fulcrum Farm products and $400 cash. There are 3 leagues participating in the Fulcrum Farm Coach of the Year Award contest, and the prize will be presented to the coach with the most votes across all 3 leagues at the end of the season.

So this season, say thank you to a special coach who is making a difference in the lives of young people.

About Fulcrum Farm Coach of the Year Award

Fulcrum Farm is a working farm located just one hour southwest of Chicago. Fulcrum Farm is focused on producing the highest quality meat and eggs by way of providing the healthiest life for its animals. All products can be purchased at As an organization focused on giving quality goods to their community, Fulcrum Farm is proud to support local youth sports leagues and recognize exemplary coaches.

Fulcrum Farm recognizes how vital the coaches are to the success of kids everywhere. That is why they are sponsoring the Coach of the Year Award.

**Deadline to nominate your coach is October 15th**

The Fulcrum Farm of the Year will be announced at the end of the Fall season. Nominations will be accepted from September 15th-October 15th.  The winner will be based on the individual with the most nominations at the end of the nomination period.