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Earn sponsorships with Leagueside and CalNorth youth soccer

LeagueSide is working on behalf of a national TV/cable provider and is looking to sponsor soccer organizations across Northern California this Spring 2022 season.

We’ve partnered with CalNorth Soccer to bring this opportunity to CalNorth members first in order to help drive more sponsorships to soccer organizations in Northern California this Spring and beyond. 


LeagueSide is looking for 35 partners for this sponsorship. The sponsorship ranges from $1,000 – $2,500 primarily depending on the package your organization is able to do.

The sponsorship package includes:

  • 2-3 field banners (vinyl 4’x6’) hung at your fields for the duration of the Spring season (LeagueSide prints and ships these)
  • 2 sponsored emails/social media posts with the sponsor’s content (organization sends on behalf of sponsor)
  • 1 website banner with the sponsor’s logo and link

Additional assets for higher end of price range:

  • Pre and post-sponsorship feedback surveys (organization sends on behalf of sponsor)
  • Sponsored jerseys with the sponsor’s logo (ideally 30-45 players in sponsored jerseys)


If your organization is interested in this opportunity, please sign up on this page by February 27th.

You’ll receive a sponsorship pre-qualification form shortly thereafter. Please complete that form and we’ll send over a sponsorship offer if it’s a good fit within one week.

Furthermore, LeagueSide has opportunities every Fall and Spring season, so you’ll automatically be considered for other future opportunities as well!