Earn sponsorships with Leagueside and Soccer SHots

LeagueSide and the Soccer Shots Franchise Support Team have teamed up to bring more sponsorships from major national and regional brands to Soccer Shots franchisees across the country.


LeagueSide has provided over $5 million in sponsorship funding to youth sports organizations like Soccer Shots since 2016 and manages sponsorships in all 50 states in the US and in Canada.

LeagueSide and the Soccer Shots Franchise Support Team have worked together to identify the unique capabilities Soccer Shots programs could offer to potential sponsors while also meeting the needs of the Soccer Shots franchisees. LeagueSide will use these identified capabilities to find potential sponsors in your territories.

Each Fall and Spring season, LeagueSide will send vetted sponsorship opportunities directly to your inbox for review. There’s no cost to sign up to receive these sponsorship opportunities and you can decide whether or not to opt-in to sponsorships depending on your interest and capabilities.


LeagueSide generally provides between $500 – $2,500 per season in sponsorship opportunities.

With 100+ national and regional clients sponsoring leagues through LeagueSide each season, there are plenty of opportunities. You may receive one or multiple sponsorship offers per season.

The price the sponsor will pay will be determined by the package the sponsor is looking for.

Packages requests might include:

  • Placing yard signs on fields during sessions
  • Sending out sponsored promotions emails
  • Posting logos on your local pages

You will have the opportunity to review all package requests and sponsorship price before deciding whether to opt-in.

Once you accept a sponsorship, you’ll be asked to provide pictures of the sponsorship in action and complete actions agreed to in order to complete the sponsorship.

Exact pricing is determined by the sponsorship package you are able to execute and other factors related to the sponsorship, reach, and location.