LeagueSide Certified For Sponsorship Approval

The LeagueSide Certified badge is an emblem that signifies to a company that a sports organization offers a robust and effective sponsorship program.


LeagueSide works with thousands of youth sports organizations across the US. A LeagueSide Certified organization is rated as the best of the best for sponsorships.

Organizations that are LeagueSide Certified receive sponsorship support and more sponsorship dollars from LeagueSide.


Sports organizations must go through an annual review process to maintain their LeagueSide certification. This process includes an intensive sponsorship review and series of interviews.

When evaluating organizations, we take into account a combination of different factors. We use these factors to create a score and rank organizations against others in their areas.

Some factors include:

  • Return on Objective (ROO) for sponsors
  • Quality of sponsorship opportunities
  • Administrator responsiveness
  • Family engagement



Certified leagues may share the following graphics as banner ads on their website:

Certified league 729 x 90 web banner

Certified league 300 x 250 web banner

Certified leagues may share the following graphics on social media:

Certified league social media post