LeagueSide’s (S)core Values

Introducing LeagueSide's new (S)core Values!


The LeagueSide team includes former founders, musicians, scientists, policy experts, and professional sports agents. We come from a variety of diverse backgrounds, but ultimately share the same core values.

As we build out the team, we want to preserve the culture and experience of working at LeagueSide and develop a common language to use externally and internally to describe what it means to be a LeagueSider.

Without further ado, here are the new LeagueSide (S)core values!

Do the core values below resonate with you? If so, please consider joining the LeagueSide team!

Send us an email at [email protected] or apply for an open position at https://leagueside.com/careers!

LeagueSide's (S)core values
LeagueSide’s (S)core values


LeagueSiders seek to learn and grow every single day.

We believe that even our most basic abilities can be developed through self awareness, dedicated practice and hard work. We turn our strengths into super powers and our weaknesses into strengths.


LeagueSiders are creating things that have never been built before.

We approach novel situations with curiosity and excitement. We roll up our sleeves and take on any task, big or small, to accomplish our goals. We just figure it out.


LeagueSiders are owners, not renters.

As such, we take initiative and accept full responsibility even when it isn’t formally assigned. We hold our teammates accountable to the same high standards.


LeagueSiders respect and treat others as equals.

We make decisions based on data, and we’re never afraid to admit when we are wrong. We support the right idea, not “my idea.”


LeagueSiders obsess over creating the best possible experience for our sponsors and our leagues.

Our sponsors and leagues are the lifeblood of our organization.


LeagueSiders care about the cumulative success of the team more than his/her own individual success.

We ask our teammates how we can help when they seem overwhelmed, and we push each other to get better everyday through open communication and feedback.