LeagueSide is Now a TeamSnap Company!

LeagueSide is being acquired by another mission-driven leader in sports tech to create a first-of-it’s-kind solution for brands to connect with youth sports communities both online and in the local community.

photo of youth sports team with leagueside a teamsnap company logo

We’re excited to announce that LeagueSide has been acquired by TeamSnap, the leading provider of sports management software and online community for everything youth sports. Together we’re creating a unique offering for brands to connect with the youth sports industry, while bringing direct access to sponsorship opportunities to the more than 19,000 sports organizations that rely on TeamSnap for Clubs & Leagues. 

Through this acquisition, we will now be able to offer brands direct access to digital and on-field sponsorship opportunities from one source. 

A Note from Evan Brandoff, LeagueSide’s Co-founder and CEO. 

Zubin Tehrani and I co-founded LeagueSide over seven years ago with a vision to give everyone the opportunity to play. We had a seemingly impossible task: make it easy for brands to sponsor the fragmented universe of youth sports organizations at scale. 

Today, we’re lucky to work with a dream team of nearly 40 LeagueSiders, all who embody LeagueSide’s (s)core values and shared mission. Our wild idea that we could evolve youth sports sponsorships into a turnkey, scalable and effective marketing channel became a reality as we have sold more than $20M in sponsorships and have impacted over 4.5 million families.

This is a proud milestone for LeagueSide, and we are thrilled to kick off our next chapter of growth as part of TeamSnap. With TeamSnap’s vast network of youth sports organizations and world-class technology, we can more quickly realize our shared vision of supporting athletes and giving everyone the opportunity to play, while building the most powerful suite of solutions and capabilities for brands to reach families in the happiest moments of their week. – Evan Brandoff, CEO, LeagueSide


I’m a brand partner – what does this mean for me? 

You are now able to increase your campaign impact and go deeper into youth sports communities with TeamSnap’s full-service digital media platform! 

Everything you love about LeagueSide will stay the same, but now you have the opportunity to expand your campaign reach and boost performance by adding digital media to your campaigns. Research has found that companies that use multichannel marketing experience 3x higher effectiveness rates than those that use non-integrated campaigns. (Source)

I’m a sports organization, what does this mean for me? 

Our combined sponsorship opportunities will help reduce costs for families and youth athletes to participate in sports, furthering both TeamSnap and LeagueSide’s mission to make youth sports accessible to all. TeamSnap is expanding its footprint towards becoming THE platform and marketplace for all things youth sports. If your organization is not using TeamSnap for your organization’s management, you will still be able to receive sponsorship with LeagueSide.